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viernes, marzo 24, 2006

Chef's on the dancefloor with Bilbadino

Track List :1. The Dandy Warhols - Down Like Disco2. Who Made Who - Happy Girl3. Humbert Humbert - Down/Off4. Skinny Puppy - Pro-Test5. The Lotterboys - Blazer6. Elastica - Connection7. Digitalism - Idealistic (Original Mix)8. Zongamin - Bongo Song9. Elefant - Lolita10. Infadels - Jagger'6711. Mylo - In Your Arms (Tocadisco's Mix)12. Planet Funk - Who Said13. Pylon - Danger14. White Rose Movement - Girls In The Back15. Artic Monkeys - Fake Tales Of San Francisco16. Sunshine Underground - Commercial Breakdown17. Siobhan Fahey - Pulsatron (Whitey Remix)18. Ferry Corsten - Whatever (Album Mix)19. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - The Skin Of My Yelloy Country Teeth20. The Spinto Band - Crack The Whip21. The Chalets - Feel The Machine22. Delorean - Metropolitan Death23. The Automatic - Recover24. One Two - Oh Yeah, All Right25. Magic Numbers - Forever Lost

Bilbadino presents Incoming Session


Anonymous andrea said...

muy guapa,la sesion.


7:38 p. m.  
Blogger Wendyqueridaluzdemivida said...

Ain!! no sé como bajá encuentro el "punto G"...
Soy rubia.

8:15 p. m.  
Blogger Continental Breakfast said...

El link esta debajo del setlist y lleva a una pagina megaupload, una vez ahi es facil.

Merece la pena bajarse esta sesion!

12:27 p. m.  
Anonymous bibadino said...

me alegra que os guse la sesion!

un saludo a todos!


2:41 a. m.  

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