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miércoles, abril 12, 2006

Menú Miércoles 12/04/2006 : Office , Margot and the Nuclear So & So's , Monkey Swallows the universe

Primer plato: OFFICE "Office"

Primer disco , en Slar Group

Si te gustan: Belle & Sebastian , Slow Runner

Canciones recomendadas: If you don't know by now

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If you don't know by now



Wound Up

Bar Yellow

Busy with other thing

Segundo plato: MARGOT AND THE NUCLEAR SO & SO'S "Dust of Retreat "

Nuevo disco, en Artemis Records

Si te gustan: The Elected, Feist

Canciones recomendadas: Skeleton Key, Vampires In Blue Dresses , Barfight Revolution, Power Violence

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Skeleton Key

Barfight Revolution, Power Violence

Postre: MONKEY SWALLOWS THE UNIVERSE "The Bright Carvings"

Primer disco de la banda

Si te gustan: The Shins, Great Lakes Swimmer

Canciones recomendadas: Sheffield Shanty, Jimmy Down the Well

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Sheffield Shanty

Jimmy Down the Well